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Childcare Solutions

Your Childcare Concierge
Does the Research for You

Your time is valuable. Streamline your search with a Care Advisor who has the expertise to:

  • Perform a “Family Fit” Analysis
  • Find daycare options
  • Research summer and holiday camps
  • Recommend backup care facility
  • Vet Nanny agencies
  • Analyze before and after school programs
  • Send coping resources for care transitions 
  • Provide interview templates for daycare tours

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Eldercare Solutions

Your Eldercare Concierge
Does the Work for You

Whether you are just beginning to help an older adult or are deep into the experience, a Care Advisor has the expertise to:

  • Coordinate the details for a transition from rehab to home or senior living
  • Find ways to pay for care
  • Help find in-home caregivers
  • Determine Medicaid qualification
  • Identify and pre-qualify care facilities or in-home care
  • Set up conference calls with medical team and family members
  • Assist with the completion of Advance Directives and POLST forms
  • Evaluate medical insurance and provide cost-saving recommendations
Find a meeting time that works for you.

Your Digital Care Concierge
Guides You to Resources

The innovative Digital Care Advisor™ guides users through the eldercare maze one simple question at a time to arrive at a custom action plan. Offering personalized plans in each of five areas, Ways & Wane brings together the best of online information and templates. Users choose and easily build plans for:

  • Getting help, like personal care or specialized housing
  • Preparing documents, like a healthcare power of attorney or POLST
  • Keeping seniors safe, like fall prevention, medication dispensing and driving assessments
  • Choosing activities appropriate for a senior’s changing capabilities
  • Paying for long-term care
”I used my Digital Care Concierge as an overall research shortcut but I relied on a personal care concierge to help with vetting in-home care agencies."

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