Things just changed

Did something hard just happen?

✓ We just ended up in the emergency room.
My parent is in a nursing home for rehab.
My husband with dementia is not safe alone anymore.
✓ Living independently is not safe for my parents.

Our care advisors create a custom plan and act as your assistant.

My mom was in and out of the hospital and I was working and living in a different state. Ways & Wane was able to gather my mom's medical team virtually and facilitate a conversation about next steps. Then they arranged everything my mom would need when she moved back home. The plan my care advisor created and executed gave me much-needed practical support and peace of mind.
Holly M.

If you are new to this or you are just trying to keep going,
you may want one of these packages:

Perfect for families considering hiring or rehiring in-home care.

This allows families to set up the best help more quickly. Our Care Advisor assesses your older adult’s needs, creates a job description and screens the best agencies in your area. Our thorough expert process fast tracks your hiring and reduces your chance of hiring mistakes.

The family makes the final hiring decision and provides on-going management of the caregiver. Includes one month access to the Digital Care Advisor platform and a GoKit Medical Document Planner with the “Get it Done” coaching, which organizes your older adult’s medical information and streamlines communication between you and the caregiver. 

  • Create an in-home care job description based on your unique situation
  • Identify highest-rated agencies in your area and other sources of support
  • Perform an in depth screening of agencies and options based on your situation
  • Present a comparison matrix of the best in home care agencies and other sources of support in your area
  • Provide Suggested Questions for In-Home Care Agencies
  • Set up informational interviews with best agencies
  • Provide Tips for Managing a Professional Caregiver
  • Provide Private Hire “Toolbox” to streamline the independent hiring process (includes: suggested interview questions, employment tax resources, background check source and sample work agreements. (Optional) 


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Perfect for families wanting to utilize all insurance and aid programs available to pay for in-home or nursing home or assisted living care. The goal is to identify all available private asset and public programs for which you are eligible before you have to dip into private spending. Includes one month access to the Digital Care Advisor platform.

  • Perform needs assessment
  • Review private asset and self-funded options with family
  • Determine Medicaid qualification and appropriate programs
  • Determine veteran qualification and appropriate programs
  • Determine available care programs in the community
  • Identify sources for respite care 
  • Compile a list of asset protection groups and/or elder law attorneys
  • Identify, complete and submit necessary paperwork for care up to two programs


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For the caregiver whose loved one has experienced recent health challenges, necessitating changes in medical providers and therapists. 

The W&W Care Advisor will coordinate with the doctors, visiting nurses, home health, occupational therapy, physical therapy and personal care companions caring for your loved one. Includes a one month access to the Digital Care Advisor platform and a GoKit Medical Document Planner with the “Get it Done” coaching.

  • Facilitate completion of necessary paperwork so parties can communicate
  • Gather doctor, therapy and hospital reports
  • Set up meetings with medical team, therapists and family members
  • Clarify appropriate care team and their roles for next steps
  • Ensure family has care team contact information
  • Identify family caregiver training and safety devices to meet advancing care needs


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Ideal for families who may not have immediate care needs but are planning for the future. They want to ensure they get the most out of Medicare and other programs for which they are qualified.
Our Care Advisor will guide you to appropriate plans and programs and help complete all the essential forms and paperwork.

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Perfect for families adjusting to a new diagnosis or change in health that requires increased long-term care. Our care advisor defines needs and identifies practical, relational and logistical next steps to meet progressive care needs.

  • Perform a needs assessment
  • Provide conversational tools to discuss care needs with your loved one or family members
  • Complete a status check of legal paperwork and healthcare advance directives 
  • Provide a comparison matrix of typical living and day activity options
  • Recommend products to protect and keep track of your loved one
  • Compile options for transportation
  • Identify local and on-line practical support systems for the family caregiver


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Perfect for families that like to do all the research themselves but want expert-level recommendations. 

The innovative Digital Care Advisor™ guides users through the eldercare maze one simple question at a time to arrive at a custom action plan. Offering personalized plans in each of five areas, Ways & Wane brings together the best of online information and templates. Users choose and easily build plans for:

  • Getting help, like personal care or specialized housing
  • Preparing documents, like a healthcare power of attorney or POLST
  • Keeping seniors safe, like fall prevention, medication dispensing and driving assessments
  • Choosing activities appropriate for a senior’s changing capabilities
  • Paying for long-term care


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Perfect for situations where the older adult suddenly needs an increasing amount of care and caregivers are assessing what living situation would be best. 

Whether you are managing a transition from a recent hospital stay or a long-term move out of state, our Care Advisor can organize all the critical details and help with the logistics required for a smooth transition. Includes a one month access to the Digital Care Advisor platform and a GoKit Medical Document Planner with the “Get it Done” coaching.

  • Perform a detailed needs assessment
  • Identify appropriate category for the next step living situation** (home, rehab, senior living)
  • Organize transfer to new location
  • Assist with transferring medical records and establishing care with new physician, if needed
  • Transfer prescriptions
  • Reinstate health coverage in a new state or county
  • Identify and help organize delivery of safety measures in a new living situation (fall prevention, monitors, medication management, meals)


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