Medical Document Planner

Are you a super-organized medical advocate?

✓ You've been meaning to find and gather all the records in one place.
✓ An older adult in your life visited the emergency room recently.
✓ You need answers when you are asked about medication, history and vitals.
✓ You accompany an older adult to numerous medical appointments.

You deserve the tools to help an older adult efficiently.
All the answers can be right at your fingertips with these beautiful, portable templates.

I smiled when I opened my kit. It's adorable.
I didn't expect it to be lovely. It's not exactly a cute subject. That's not the only reason I didn't just shelve it though; every week I'm getting a little "nudge" from Elizabeth walking me through each section so I get it done. I never would have done this on my own.
Meka Zieger
"I love my GoKit and use it all the time. I even keep my dad's credit cards in there so that I can just have everything in one place."
Debra D.

The GoKit planner captures medical details "at a glance."

The pages store essential health information, from vaccinations and vitals to medications. The pockets protect and store advance directives and receipts. Fill-in templates prepare you with the questions you’ll need to ask before surgery or discharge from a nursing home or hospital.

The GoKit includes the following templates:

  • Key Contact Information
  • Health-Related Contact Information
  • Medical History
  • Current Medicines & Supplements
  • Vaccination Information
  • Vitals
  • Doctor’s Visit Notes/Questions
  • ​Doctor’s Visit Surgery/Procedure
  • In-Hospital Notes
  • Hospital/Nursing Home Discharge Info
  • Test Results
  • Doctor’s Visit Notes/Questions
  • Doctor’s Visit Surgery/Procedure
  • In-Hospital Notes
  • Hospital/Nursing Home Discharge Info
  • To-do List Template
I received the GoKit yesterday and I was very impressed.
Here are some of my first impressions:
Loved the size. Easy to carry. I like that it doesn’t look like a medical document planner. That was important for my family because my mom was wanting to look at our homemade notebook and we had to disguise it.
I like how the book reminds, encourages and speaks to the caregiver in the blue bubbles.
It is great that the divider pages are color pages. Relaxation technique built in!
Darlene Burgess

The Portable Planner: Three Versions

1. Portable Planner with Coaching
Are you busy and at your best with an assistant?
The GoKit with Coaching gives you manageable steps delivered over four weeks so you are sure to be successful. You’ll get to choose your cover after purchase. 
2. Portable Planner
This option is perfect if you need a compact planner, are confident you’ll fill it out without support and don’t have time to print the pages and organize it. You’ll get to choose your cover after purchase. 

3. Planner PDF
This is a good DIY option for those that like to customize a binder cover. You will print the PDF on 8.5 x 11 pages to fit a 9 x 12 binder. (You provide the binder.)
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"What a beautiful thing to have this organized so I can be my best self for my mom in an emergency. The doctor asks questions and I have that information right in the planner.

It's been so much easier on both of us that I bought another one for my dad and for my adopted son's dad!"