Senior Living Program

Engage families of prospective
residents with the
Digital Care Advisor™

Customized with your brand, the Digital Care Advisor™ offers a guided experience
for families of older adults. Users discover free estate planning resources,
medical advocacy paperwork and cost calculators.
It’s all consolidated in one easy-to-use tool.

  • 60% of families make the senior living decision.

  • Families have eldercare questions beyond the housing conundrum.

  • Useful digital tools are standard for family decision makers.

Your brand becomes the local expert
for the family's eldercare questions.

The Digital Care Advisor™ is brand-agnostic,
building trust with prospective families.

This tool attracts families,
retains residents and
offers an income opportunity.

  • Keeps leads engaged as you offer helpful tool ($189 value)

  • Retains residents by supporting ongoing care decisions.

  • Increases your profitability to offer a plug-n-play, digital service.

This tool transforms your brand's fragmented blogs and sales tools into an invaluable family resource without taking up the time of your sales team.

Kendra Stevens

Sunrise Senior Living

After seeing the answers to all her questions consolidated in one custom action plan, one daughter said with relief, "I have tears in my eyes."

Deanette R.,