Learn strategies to help an older adult

Listen to eldercare experts as they give you practical tools to navigate a waning season. Topics covered will include:

  • how to talk to an older adult about future plans

  • looking for warning signs of decline

  • balancing work with care of an older adult

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"This was FANTASTIC and I came across it just at the right time!!! THANK YOU".
Tammy D.
"You two are amazing. I always feel so good after our Zoom talks."
Johni L.

Prepare for a Medical Emergency

If your loved one falls, do you have quick answers to the rapid fire paramedic and ER questions? This Zoom meeting is a chance for family caregivers to share preparation strategies for a medical emergency. Organizing medical documents will also be covered. 

How to Pay for Care

Long-term care is expensive. This Zoom meeting is a chance for family caregivers to share strategies about how they pay for long-term care. Join in to contribute or just listen.

Sibling Relations

What if one sibling takes on the burden of care? How can you get the rest of the family involved? Share strategies about sibling relationships during this Zoom meeting and how those come into play when caring for aging parents. 

Hiring In-Home Care

Need strategies to successfully hire and employ in-home caregiving help? Learn from other family caregivers and share your own experiences in this Zoom meeting.