Need to Vent? Want Encouragement?

Some Good Caregiving Support Facebook Groups

“I am so physically and emotionally exhausted but how do I find someone to give me some respite so I can get away for a few days?”

“Does anyone have recommendations for a personal emergency response system? I’m afraid of my mom falling when I’m not there.”

“I’m definitely in a bad place this afternoon. Forgive me Lord. Just need to vent my frustration. Thank you all❤.”

These are just a few of the posts by active group members in these private Facebook support groups. Filled with caregivers, you will be surrounded by caregiving support. While there are many other caregiving support groups, these are a few Facebook groups that have active posting and strong, positive moderation.

Just ask to “join”, answer a few qualifying questions and you won’t feel so alone.

  1. The Caregiver Space Community
    This group has over 6,000 members who post their questions and give lots of advice (usually over 20 comments per post).
  1. Working Daughter
    This is a space (3,600 members) for women who are balancing caring for an aging parent with their career and the rest of their life. Join us for community, support, encouragement. Share your questions and your best advice.
  1. Caring for Elderly Parents
    This large group is very interactive with posts asking for recommendations and explaining their own struggles.

Now may you find peace at all times in every way as you help your senior in their waning phase of life.