Honoring mothers

A heart-forward Mother’s Day

It’s my day.
It’s my own mother’s day. 
It’s my wife’s day.
It’s my partner’s day. 
It’s my grandmother’s day.
Basically, it can be a complex day. 

Emotions come with all those relationships, past and present. It’s easy to get stuck in those complex emotions. 

Wade through the emotion and bring the honor.

Our vision at Ways & Wane is to bring honor and respect to older adults. 

Which of these ideas inspires your perspective for Sunday, May 8th? 

  1. Acknowledge the emotion—the joy, the grief, the regret, the love.
  2. Know that you cannot change the past, you can only control how you show up in the present.
  3. Remember that it’s possible that you may not get a second chance to do this.
  4. Make a plan for the day ahead of time so you can be purposeful. 
  5. Keep your expectations low and your heart big. 

We also have some sweet ideas for you, to acknowledge your own mom, whether she is still with you or not.

If your mom is with you, honor her in the manner she feels most loved. What is her  “love language”: words, gifts, time, service, touch? If you don’t know, ask her. Then do your best to give her a gift that matches her love language. 

If your mom is with you (but not entirely), try these ideas:

  • Share happy memories about her from the past, reminding everyone who she is.
  • Celebrate all her senses with her favorite music and scents. 
  • Include the grandchildren – maybe they can do nails for you & grandma!
  • Take an easy trip to a park or a beautiful drive. Just get out of the house.

If your mom has passed away, remember her in one of these ways:

  • Try out a hobby she loved. Maybe doing so will provide new insight into her.
  • Make a donation in her honor.
  • Frame her handwriting (maybe it’s a recipe card or a note).
  • Celebrate another mother in your life.

Whatever the day looks like for you, may you honor and love well!