Siblings as Friends

Model a Solid Foundation

Sibling dynamics among children play into how well those siblings will work together later in life.

At some point, these same children will be in a position to work together to help manage your care. They are (or will be) watching how you work through care challenges with your own siblings. 

It’s hard to imagine your children as adults, but as Psychologist Dr. Albers states, “Role modeling is one of the most powerful and effective ways to teach your children how to get along with their siblings.” 

10 tips to prevent sibling rivalry

It’s a complex topic without a “one size fits all” solution, but this article from the Cleveland Clinic outlines 10 tips for dealing with sibling rivalry. A few of the main points include:

  • Create a cooperative environment
  • Celebrate individuality
  • Treat kids fairly, not equally
  • Give children problem-solving tools
  • Make discipline private
  • Have a family meeting

We’ve presented how powerful family meetings can be to manage care navigation for the older adults in your family circle. Imagine how useful it would be to have family meetings already a practiced habit from childhood!

May you find joy in loving one another well in and outside of your family meetings!